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Please be advised that effective February 3, 2006, Viking Energy Royalty Trust (VERT) and Harvest Energy Trust (HET) completed a Plan of Arrangement that resulted in a merger of VERT and HET.

Changes relative to Viking entities include the following, and the related change certificates have been posted below:

  • Viking Energy Royalty Trust was acquired by Harvest Energy Trust.
  • Viking Holdings Inc. (VHI) became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvest Operations Corp. (HOC). Each of VHI and HOC will continue to conduct business under their current names until such time as an amalgamation takes place.
  • Olaf Energy Limited Partnership was dissolved and its assets became property of Viking Holdings Inc.
  • Krang Energy Inc. was amalgamated into Harvest ExchangeCo Ltd. The name of the amalgamated entity is Harvest ExchangeCo Ltd.
Krang – Amalgamation Certificate
Olaf – Dissolution Certificate
Approved Plan of Arrangement

In addition to the above, the following entities have a change of address:

  • Viking Energy Royalty Trust
  • Viking Holdings Inc.
  • Viking Holdings Trust
  • Erik Holdings Trust
  • Olaf Energy Limited Partnership
  • Bjorn Holdings Inc.
  • Pathfinder Resources Partnership
  • 251849 Alberta Limited
  • Krang Energy Inc.
  • Krang Energy (USA) Inc.
  • Viking Management Ltd.

New mailing address and contact information:

1500, 700 2nd Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2P 2W1

Main Phone Number: (403) 265-1178
Main Fax Number: (403) 265-3490