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Operating Activities

Since the formation of Harvest in 2002, we have followed our value principles and successfully assembled a unique suite of assets that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to replicate today. Further, we have structured our organization to benefit from vertical integration, and as a result, have a unique inventory of future internal development opportunities across the energy spectrum in which we can invest to generate attractive rates of return. Harvest is well positioned to benefit from exposure to exploration and production activities, including significant enhanced oil recovery potential, and crude oil refining, product marketing and sales.

Upstream Business Segment – Western Canada

Upstream Highlights

  • Oil weighted asset base with significant original-oil-in-place (OOIP) and low recoveries to date
  • 2 billion+ boe of estimated OOIP on conventional land with 1 billion+ boe of incremental OOIP estimated on 42,000 net acres of oil sands land
  • Numerous large OOIP pools amenable to enhanced oil recovery schemes such as enhanced waterfloods, polymer, and CO2 flooding
  • Year end 2013 reserves of 464 mmboe P+P & 233 mmboe Proved