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History of North Atlantic


Shaheen Resources, Inc. built the North Atlantic Refinery (the ‘Refinery’) with the majority of units starting up in 1974.


Refinery was shut down due to financial and operating difficulties experienced by the operator. The Refinery was mothballed but a skeleton staff was kept on to maintain it.

July '80
Late '86

Petro-Canada purchased the Refinery, but did not operate it. Refinery sold in late 1986 to a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. based Cumberland Farms Limited.


Approximately US$132 million (about C$200 million) was invested in the Refinery by Cumberland Farms’ subsidiary including the construction of a new hydrogen furnace, initially operated as a hydroskimmer (the hydrocracker was brought on in 1990).

Aug. '94

Vitol Refining Group B.V. acquired the Refinery and commenced a major restoration. The Refinery was successfully commissioned in late 1994.


Vitol invested approximately US$600 million in capital to maintain, upgrade and expand the Refinery, which significantly improved its operating performance in terms of refinery throughput, reliability, saleable yield, product quality, safety and environmental performance.

Oct. '06

Harvest Energy purchased North Atlantic.


The Visbreaker expansion project was commissioned at cost of $27 million; $10 million of which was incremental to work already planned. This project effectively upgraded ~1,500 BPD of HSFO into distillate products.


Completed the Hydrocracker expansion project which increased the Hydrocracker throughput capacity to 38,000 bbls/d, from 37,000 bbls/d to enable upgrade of an additional 1,000 bbls/d of distillates.