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Marketing Business

North Atlantic's marketing division is headquartered in St. John's, Newfoundland and is comprised of five business segments: retail, home heating, commercial, wholesale and bunkers.


North Atlantic owns 55 retail gasoline stations and 3 commercial cardlock locations. Most locations include a convenience store which is independently operated. In 2011, the volume of gasoline and diesel sold at these locations represented a market share of approximately 23% of the Newfoundland retail market. The retail market in Newfoundland has relatively stable margins because the segment is regulated by the Petroleum Pricing Office of the Public Utilities Board. The major competitors in the Newfoundland market are Irving Oil, Imperial Oil and Ultramar.

Home Heating Business

North Atlantic delivers furnace oil and propane to approximately 20,000 residential and commercial heating customers throughout Newfoundland with about 75% of the demand for furnace oil and 24% for propane.

Commercial Business

North Atlantic delivers distillates, jet fuel, propane and heating oil to commercial heating, marine, aviation, trucking and construction industries from seven storage terminals located across Newfoundland.

Wholesale Business

North Atlantic provides distillates, jet fuel and propane to a number of wholesale customers from both its wharf and truck rack facilities.

Bunker Business

North Atlantic sells bunkers to crude oil and refined product vessels at its wharf facilities.

Other Ancillary Assets

North Atlantic, through its Marine Division, manages vessel traffic to the Refinery and works with regulatory authorities on measures to prevent or mitigate the risk of oil spills and other marine related matters affecting facility operations.

The division oversees the facility’s vessel vetting requirements, enforces the facility’s jetty regulations and oversees tug operations. North Atlantic owns two tugboats, one of which is equipped for fire fighting and the other for oil spill response.

North Atlantic’s wholly owned subsidiary, Canadian Maritime Agency Limited, provides services to vessels entering Canadian waters, on behalf of terminals, charterers and ship owners. The agency handles all customs requirements and arranges vessel services such as crew changes, bunkering, pilots and tugs; collects and remits port fees, marine service fees and other government charges and levies, and provides other services as required.